I've got the MuddyZook Rear Disk Conversion on the back of my Vitara, "Stealth" -



Above you see the contents of the kit (click on the picture to link to the item in their shop!)

or click on the MuddyZook logo to go to their homepage.


In the kit you get the caliper hangers, the plates to replace the drums that mount the (Vitara front) disks to,

 and the cable adapters to use the Vit handbrake cables with the Rover 600 disk calipers.

(The Rover calipers have handbrake actuators on them)


I chose to have mine professionally fitted by Les and his team at KTC in Wrexham (01978 664499) whilst they were also fitting my twin LSDs.

Besides, I'm not one to fiddle with brakes!

The Vitara front disk mounted on the back axle with the MuddyZook conversion plates.

The Rover Caliper is attached to the hangers which mount in place of the rear drum backing plates.

View from above and you can see the new flexi connecting the caliper to the existing Vitara brake pipes.

Another view from above and you can see the existing Vitara handbrake cable entering the MuddyZook

cable mount, and all those little plates and bolts are used to attach the handbrake cable to the Rover's

Handbrake actuator on the back of the calipers.

View from the front.

View from overhead and you can clearly see the caliper hanger plate bolted to the end of the axle tube

where the rear drum brake's backing plate used to be.

Closeup of the handbrake cable and it's new mount.


And the advantage of all this work?

Rear brakes that work! Even after you've been up to the axles in mud...!

Drum Brakes tend to fill up with mud and it then acts as a kind of cutting paste and soon wears out your brake shoes!

And a handbrake, in a Vitara, that works!!! LOL


Tell the MuddyZook guys you saw it here if you buy one!

Helps me next time I want something off them! ;)