Modifying your Suzuki (by lifting it) will alter the centre of gravity of the vehicle, so you need to alter your driving style accordingly.

The parts I have had made are all made by professional manufacturing companies, these are not home produced items I have made in my garage, they are made of the best materials available and when fitted correctly to your vehicle will perform as indicated. YOU should ensure that they are fitted correctly and should check periodically that all mounting nuts and bolts, etc are tight and safe – which is why I always supply Nyloc nuts. If in any doubt you should seek professional advice and fitting from a reputable garage or mechanic.

Also be aware that by modifying your vehicle for, and by using it offroad, you are obviously going to put much more stresses (probably more than they were designed for!) on the suspension and drive-train components of your vehicle and breakages and therefore repairs are bound to happen from time to time.

Finally, as you’ve modified your vehicle you need to let your insurance company know. If you have any problems with your existing insurance company look to a specialist insurer such as Roadsure or Adrian Flux, etc…

So, if you don't agree with the above, please DON'T BUY!


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